PoolSense Inline - Measuring sensor for pool

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Finally! Now there is a simple, small and affordable monitor and app to keep track of your pool values. PoolSense automatically measures the water quality in yo ...

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Finally! Now there is a simple, small and affordable monitor and app to keep track of your pool values. PoolSense automatically measures the water quality in your pool. Also works perfectly in spa baths! It measures pH, chlorine, and temperature and sends you notifications via an app on your phone. If chlorine levels are low, you will be notified of which chemicals you should add to keep your water crystal clear. Fast, easy, and accurate, every time!


  • Smart App - A user-friendly app with history and dosage recommendations.
  • Extended Battery Life - Minimum 12 months. No charging required.
  • No Wifi Required - Low power WAN technology has coverage virtually anywhere.
  • Modular Design - Replaceable parts keep long-term costs low. Probes need remote calibration every 6 months. Probe life minimum 12 months
  • View pool status, anywhere, anytime.- Keep an eye on your pool from anywhere in the world.


Few people have proper knowledge of water chemistry, which can lead to expensive shock treatments from over or under usage of chemicals

You can now check on your spa from anywhere and know instantly if the water is balanced and healthy. You can easily ensure the optimum temperature is kept. PoolSense works with an app on your smartphone and measures key water parameters like chlorine (Oxidation Reduction Potential), pH, and temperature.


The app will send smart notifications to your phone if you need to take action, every 24hrs at 18:00. For example, if your spa water test results show that your spa needs more chlorine, the notification will inform you and suggest adding 1 cup of chlorine to your spa as soon as possible. These micro-doses keep your water balanced and healthy and keep any bacteria or algae from growing in the water. No installation needed, just drop the device in your hot tub or spa and finish with the easy setup process on the app. The battery has an ultra-long lifetime – with a minimum of 12 months, so there is no need to charge it, it really is designed to make your life easier. See how your spa’s water quality fluctuates over time by accessing your spa’s daily, weekly, and monthly graphs. Our team is available to assist you and help make owning a spa a pleasure again.


Pool Maintenance companies use Sense to monitor client swimming pools and get alerts when chemicals are needed Manage your fleet of sensors from one central app that is designed to make monitoring your fleet of loT sensors convenient and easy. With its mobile-first approach, it is designed to ensure that it's easy to use on any device progressive web app that looks like any other app on your phone. You will receive smart, customized alerts when abnormal measurements are detected. Data is presented in an easy-to-read format and allows early intervention when problems are detected.


  • Manage your fleet of sensors from one central app 
  • Early warning system to intervene quickly 
  • Intelligent and customizable alerts when you need to act 
  • Multi-platform-access from PC, Tablet, or Mobile devices 
  • Real-time and historic data 
  • Daily, weekly, monthly graphs-easy visualization of trends 
  • Reduces manpower and revenue loss 
  • Clear visualization of complex data feeds 
  • 4 Monitoring devices are currently available, integration with any other compatible loT devices is possible. 
  • Access data through API and MQTT